Knowing Fertilizers For The Growth Of Your Plants

Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2020

Fertilizers are used to ensure that the plants grow properly and better. They provide nutrition to the soil where the plants have been planted. Sometimes soil does not have enough nutrients to provide to the plants and hence it becomes important to apply fertilizers. Using fertilizers helps in improving the health, productivity, and growth of the plants.

Not all soil needs fertilizers and using fertilizers on soil that is good won’t be good for the plants. This could lead to abnormal growth of the plants. There are different ways in which you can apply the fertilizer pellets and to analyse whether the soil needs the fertilizer or not.

Test the Soil for its Nutrients
The level of nutrients present in the soil can only be found through tests. These tests can be done at a reasonable cost or sometimes free also. It is very easy to do the test and the results of these tests can help you in analysing how much fertilizer your soil requires. If the nutrients are high in the soil, then you do not need fertilizers. However, soil with a low level of nutrients requires fertilizers.

Which Type of Fertilizer to Choose?
There are two types of fertilizers that are available in the market – processed and organic. Processed fertilizers are chemical fertilizers which have chemicals such as sodium chloride, phosphate rock, etc. Some of these fertilizers need to be diluted into the water before use to ensure that the strong chemicals present in these fertilizers do not harm the soil permanently. But this does not apply to all the fertilizers.

On the other hand, organic fertilizers do not have chemicals in them. They are obtained from the natural composts and nutrients released by the plants. These fertilizers work slowly and hence, are quite useful for the right growth of the plants.

Both processed and organic fertilizers are similar as they work slowly. However, the cost of organic fertilizer tends to more than the processed ones. The use of either of the fertilizers depends upon your needs and requirement.

When and How to Apply Fertilizers?
You should get your soil tested before you start your planting the plants. If the soil needs the nutrients, then you should use the fertilizers. This helps in the proper and fast growth of the plants. However, while using the fertilizer you need to keep in mind the kind of plant you will plant in the soil. Each plant needs a certain amount of fertilizer and using too much or too little fertilizer will not give the right growth.

When you are using granule-based fertilizers, you need to ensure that you are applying the fertilizer with your hand and spreading it across the area evenly. Also, you have to ensure that you are watering the fertilizer as it is usually dry. The moisture helps the fertilizer to mix well into the soil.

You can buy the fertilizers from a fertilizer pellet manufacturer at a reasonable price. But in the case of liquid fertilizer, you need to dilute it into the water before you spray it evenly across the area. Also, this type of fertilizer needs to be applied only after the plants have been planted.

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