Process Used By The Wood Chipper Machines

Posted by Admin on September, 03, 2019

A tree chipper, popularly wood chipper is a special machine used for reducing the woods of tree limbs and the trunks into smaller sized wood chips. These machines are usually portable and are mounted on a special frame with wheels.
The machines sold by the Wood Chipper Machine Manufacturers in Punjab have special provision which makes the process of carrying the machine quite easy and suitable for towing behind a truck or a van. The general power requirement of the machine is provided using the internal combustion machine.

How do Wood Chipper Machines Work?
The combustion machine is equipped to provide power ranging from 3 horsepower to 1000 horsepower. In other words, it can be said that the machine is provided with power ranging from 2.2 kW to 750 kW depending on the requirement.
There are some high powered wood chipper machines too which are comparatively larger, kept mounted on the trucks and has a separate engine for powering it. In some cases, it also owns a separate hydraulic crane for lifting the wood.

Process of Chopping Wood
The tree chipper machines are usually made using a hopper with a special collar, the chipper mechanism along with an additional bin for collecting the chips. When a tree limb is inserted inside the hopper, the collar serves as equipment with a safety mechanism which helps in keeping the human body out of the range of the chipping blades.
Once inside the hopper, the chipping mechanism starts, cutting the huge wood pieces into smaller chips. The chips easily exist from the chute and are directed into the container which is mounted either on the truck or present on the ground.
The typical output of the chips follows an average size of one inch to two inches. The wood chips produced are used in a variety of fields which includes getting spread on the ground as a cover and fed inside the digester during the process of papermaking.
The wood chippers rely directly on the energy which is stored in a heavy flywheel which undertakes most of its work. Sometimes, wood chipping machines also use drums to solve these purposes. The blades of the chipping machine are kept mounted on the face of the flywheel. The flywheel gets accelerated using a special electronic motor or the engine for internal combustion.
The large wood chippers are kept equipped with rollers which are grooved inside the throat inside the feeding funnels. Once the large-sized branch gets gripped by the rollers, it transports the branch towards the chipping blades at a very steady rate.
The rollers own a system with a special safety feature which is generally reversible according to the situations once the branches get caught on done clothing or human body parts.

You can easily get hold of good quality machines from the wood chipper machine manufacturers in Punjab. They ensure providing machines made from a high-quality material which provides durable service at an affordable price.

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